alive and motivated.

Oh my dears, I'm so not here. I've been a bad bad blogger. Since Roller derby came into my life, I just have to admit it became an obsession and near a full time job. Plus, I have trouble with my shop so you cannot access to it nor to the freebies. Sorry. Till xmas, I guess it's gonna stay as it is now. Waiting for new year for new things.

With little help of my friends, I could order those Wicked Riedell skates.
oh my ! I'm in love.

I'm just skating faster. So fast that I'm afraid ! oops.

All the family get involved in this new adventure : I cannot stop talking derby ! Lucky I am to have a husband who loves this sport and a son that is awesome (most of the time) even when mama is not here because of trainings. In 2 weeks, I'll join a bootcamp. A roller deby bootcamp.

Do you hear my heart beating ? :D

2 days away from my little boy :(

Do you hear my heart beating ?
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