Being a "Furie"

Wow ! Maybe some of you wondered of the page saying "account suspended" when visiting my places ?

Well, I've been hacked ! But here I go again and will try to find a issue to those hacks and other problems I got with my geek stuff...

For now, I'd like to give you some news of my new obession : roller derby ! The team I joined is made of super awesome gals, mostly beginners in rolling on skates but motivated ! With fresh meat, the team decided to make some change : new name, new colors, new logo. Bye bye pink panthers, Hello Les Furies !

Are you scared ? Hope you are ! ah ah!
During summer, as some of us are still on vacations, we meet for a little training every thursday on a parking.

Notice the red leggings ;p I made ! (will talk about this later)

The most experimented of the team teach the rookie I am how to cross over, stop, etc.

And now, are you scared ?
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