Bonjour ! My name is still the same.

Hello-o !
How are you doing ? What ? Where I've been ?
Well not so away from you and my keyboard !

I could explain you why I left my blog apart since few months but it wouldn't be very interesting. Let's say that I had to. But don't be afraid. Everything is fine with me and my family. Just too much IRL things to do.

As you may see, I'm still obsessed with Roller Derby as I posted on this brand new blog all my past posts on this subject. But I will do the same with my tutorials asap.

You won't find most of the past contents of my blog though. First reason is that I realised I posted too much pics of my little one and I decided to stop and erase them from the web. Maybe when he'll be an adult he'll be happy with it ;)

Despite this new start, I don't promise you many many posts for the moment. But I'm still here and I do appreciate all the kind messages I had from all over the world about this hiatus.

The shop.
Yes I had terrific problems with my sites and I had to turn off the shop to do not have to deal with angry customers not receiving their orders.
I'm still searching for a solution to offer my kits (free or not) but didn't find yet.
Believe me when I say I'm working on it !

I miss you all and will be back sooner or later ! aha !

Enjoy life.


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