DIY Roller derby : leggings

I'm not skinny for sure, but till now I don't have any problems assuming it. Thinking of wearing shorts and tights as roller derby uniform didn't afraid me. But as any girl I want to look nice even if some clothes are not made for my curvy lines.

I don't like my legs. I would have thousand different tights if they would fit me but I'm tall. Most every time they stop half way of my legs. So I stopped buying some except if the size is XL. Rare.

So leggings are just the right things for me to feel comfortable and confident when wearing skirts. Few years ago I found perfect leggings (I should have bought 2 !). These ones that are long and with jersey ribs on ankles. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. and rare.

So I needed to make some by myself for roller derby. But I had bad souvenirs of Jersey fabric sewing. This time I used some special strecth needles and the perfect stitch for those kind of fabrics. This done it was easier than expected !

Here is the tutorial !

You need :
1 meter of jersey (light weight) fabric, depending on how tall your are.
1 needle for you sewing machine made for strectch fabrics (75)
some rubber (depending on your waist)

your favorite leggings to make the pattern

Fold your fabric (right side on right side so you see the wrong side of the fabric) and place your favorite leggings folded in 2.

Mark with a pen the shape of your leggings on fabric (it doesn't have to be perfect).


Cut allowing a seam of 1 cm.

You have a leg.

Fold your fabric (right side on right side so you see the wrong side of the fabric) to make the second leg.

Place the pinned leg on it.

Cut with no seam allowance along the first leg.

You have two legs (good, no ?).

Now, using a needle made for stretch fabric, you should gather each a leg from ankle to the top of the leg (not from waist to thigh) using this stitch (#4) :

If you don't have this one on your machine, use a "zig-zag" stitch (#5 on the pic). Those stitches allow the seams to stretch with the fabric.

Sew with a seam allowance as on the pic.

This done for the 2 legs, you should sew the part of the legging from waist to thigh, front and back.

Pin the legs together, right sides on right sides (so you see the wrong side).

Sew as you did before. This legging is for roller derby for me so I overcasted it.

Now, you should sew the waistline. Make a large hem.

Sew as large as the rubber you choose as shown :

Leave open to insert your rubber with the help of a safety pin. The rubber maybe as long as you can for the moment.

When the rubber is inside, turn your legging on right side and try on. Adjust the rubber and cut. Hold it tight !

Gather the ends of the rubber together.

You're done.
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