DIY roller derby : pinstrip your helmet

Do you know pinstriping ? It's an art that my old buddy JC taught me years ago ! It's thin painting for motorcycles and vintage cars and part of Kustom Kulture lifestyle. Believe me when I say it's very hard to practice, your gesture has to be sure and delicate. And you have to use 1 shot paints and kind of brushes specially made for these kind of design.

This is my helmet, ready to be customised with all I need to pinstrip.

The brush. The paint can be removed with "white spirit" so you can imagine how difficult it is to pinstrip thin lines.



Then I add some pink color to match the team's colors.
As I'm not very good at it, I wanted simple design. The result is... correct with me. But as I'm not the kind of patient person, it messed a lot with finger prints on fresh paint so allow 48h before touching the helmet. And I'm gonna make stickers with my name and number that will fit empty spaces.

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