Gore Gore Roller Girls

So this is my derby girls all dressed for this special training during halloween. 
Let me introduce hers ^^

Holy Bitch, captain of the team.
This is my Derby Wife ( check her blog here). When she has something in mind, you can't help her to go all the way ! And when something has to be said, she's here to lead the strict but good way. She's also one of the best jammer we have ;)

On the left, you may see the most positive girl I know and talented artist, Bloody Kitty. She's one of the co-founders of the team. I don't know much her yet but I'm already a fan of this girl.

On the back, you may see a cheerful little lady called La Valseuse. Man I love her skating ! She's like a cat when she's rolling on the track, a fast one. But beware, don't step on her shoes, she may bite you cause she rocks. She's an other good jammer.

On left, Crash'a'tella, 16 years old. This girl wants it all. When you see her in your back, you know it gonna hurts (watch me falling in the video). Also an other good jammer.

On the right , Cent'orride, this girl is such a good person that it's the embarrassment in her Roller Derby practice. But she's working hard to move on and she always has terrific funny words about life. I love this girl.

Look at this girl ! She's about to grumble for sure, it's Tatie Cardie. Her butt is having hard times but she's tough !

Do you see Flying Vicious on left , an other co-founder of the team, near the newbies ? That's what I like : girls from everywhere, different, girls I could have never met if Roller Derby has not exist. I don't know very well each one of hers but I love them all, from old to new ones, from head to toes, they're just so beautiful to me.

Even if sometimes I could kick some of their asses cause after all they are girls and could be very easily distracted ^^

I could not leave you without sharing with you this double fall. Karine falling on Crash'a'tella (and because Karine always says I forget her ;) ) right in front of Shell-e's camera. Thank you girl By The Way.

Go on derby girls, we gonna make it great someday ;)
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