Joyeux Halloween !

Halloween is here. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween in France (as it's not part of our culture and it's a very very business thing here) but when my team mates from Roller Derby said we had to celebrate it on the weekly training by getting dressed for it, I find this opportunity to make my Roller Derby Team costume. The Furies' Dress code is "bloody virgin" concept. Perfect for a gore gore training.

As usual, I didn't want to spend a penny on this project. So I used the only white dress I had in my wardrobe for years, a sixties inspired one and red vinyl fabric glued it.

Hubby bought me some red glitter tights (here) few months ago that I never wore because I'm too tall but I just opened them on toes to make kind of leggings.

Glued but will it still be there after a training ??

Made stickers with my name for my helmet and the pants I blogged before here.

But there's something wrong with my outfit : my new skates !! I ordered some wonderful Wicked Riedell but still waiting for the delivery ! GRRRR !

I guess tomorrow I may show you pics from this Halloween training ;)
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