Minimum skills.

Yesterday a few girls of the Berry Roller Derby team travelled to the City of 'les Simones' the Orleans Roller Derby team to try to pass the minimum skills.
If someone would have said to me few years back that at 38 years old, with non sportive background at all that I could pass it, I would have laugh louder.
But I did.
And I'm **cking proud of myself.

I was stressed about the 25 laps in 5minutes thing. Gosh, I'm almost dead when it's done. But the encouragements of my team, my derby wife and hubby was electrifying me. Thanks to them all.
Derby love indeed.

Though lots of work to do and things to learn yet.

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Leeloo a dit…

Yeah ! Félicitations ! Les 25/5 me font grave flipper aussi! Je pense que quand j'aurai pondu et que je pourrai retourner sur des patins, ça va être coton !

minitoko a dit…

Merci merci !
un conseil d'après-bébé : on badine pas avec son périné ! Il pourrait te jouer des tours dans les chutes... ;)

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