Ready to Rumble

So yesterday night, I met the local and very young team of Roller Derby : the pink panthers. I was very excited because we (hubby and I) were fans of this "sport" and the opportunity for me to join a team in my little town was kind of super skinny.

I contacted the girls and they welcomed me quickly. And guys, those gals rock !


These mademoiselles decided to form the team a few months ago and found a coach from the roller club. As the Roller Derby is not wellknown in France, imagine that even the coach doesn't know exactly the rules. But everybody is motivated and got a good energy and sense of humour. 

So I put my brand new quads on and tried to follow their training. FUN (ouch) FUN (phew) FUN ! Just have to get more training by myself with my friend Jasmine to coach me and find a roller derby 
name and I'll be ready for september !

Go girls go !
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