Thread rack DIY !

Ok so if you have not so much time, a few simple materials and tools and a hard need to organize your sewing corner, here is a little DIY to make a thread rack easy and fast.
It could look like this :

What you will need :
  1. a saw (for wood)
  2. a drill
  3. a wood cleat
  4. an utility knife
  5. large paper (gift wrapper ?)
  6. glue and its brush
  7. a hammer
  8. long nails

Depending on the width of the paper (I took gift paper), saw a wood cleat. Not to large. (Mine was about 2 inches for width & 2 yards for length so I could have three of them by sawing to match the length of my paper).

Then, at one end of future racks, make a hole using a drill in the depth of the wood. It's made for hanging on the wall the racks - later.

What you should do (but that I didn't do) : use sandpaper to make it perfect once sawing and drilling job is over.

Now, you have to cut the shape of each rack in the paper (wood cleat are just never perfect so follow this step if you want the paper matches) :

Place your pattern's paper side DOWN (so you cannot see the right side of it), put the rack on it and cut following the shape.

Take good care to note which paper goes with which rack...

Take some glue (white one - for paper-wood and almost anything) and using a brush, put it on the right face of the rack (the one which was side down on the paper when cutting, follow me ?)

Once the paper glued on the wood, wait - as long as needed - for the paper to be dry.

Then you may drive nails at an angle all along the rack on the paper side. Leave good spaces between each nails.

Tip : Place the last one (the one at the bottom) and put a thread on it. Then you'll have an idea where the next one should be.

Depending on the spaces between each nails you may have about 8 nails on you rack. Or more. or less. ;)

To finish, take a bit of ribbon (baker's twine, wool ?) and thread it into the hole you made with the drill.

Now you can hang them on your wall independently.

What you should do (but that I didn't do) : paint the sides where there's no paper if you have more time !

(The tuto in french ici les amis)
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I mentioned your beautiful wooden thread holder on my blog

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