DIY what to do with cupake liners ?

Hey guys !

I didn't have much time those days to share with you what I am crafting for christmas. So thi is a little HOW-TO that I made quiclky this afternoon as baby boy was sleeping : what to do with cupcake liners, scalloped punched papers and plastic deers ?


I bought those miniature plastic deers one month ago and I was sure to make something with theme even when at this moment I didn't know what exactly... A loooong time ago, I brang back oval cupcake liners from Paris and never used them (like 5 years).

That's part of me : collecting things I don't use for years but when it's the right time with the right projects, I pop up those treasures and amazes my friends ! hu hu ^^

What you need :

1. cupcake liners (whatever the shape, the size)

2. giant punch (which will fit the bottom of the liner)

3. plastic deers (or anything small enough to be glued)

1. Punch a colored paper. This paper will be hooked on the bottom of the inside liners so it needs to fit.

2. Take at least 2 liners (it could be more but beware of the capacity of your stapler).

3. Flatten them a bit. Don't make it perfectly, there's no need and it will make a better touch.

4. Hold the liners together and cut all around between the folds.

5. So they should not be curved very much anymore.

6. Add the punched paper inside the liners and staple them.

7. Is it looking good ?

8. Use gun glue to stick the plastic deer right on the staple to hide it.

Well, you're done. you can use them for your gifts tags or ornaments ( I think I'm gonna pin one on my christmas outfit...)

Here are a few made with round liners :

You should try, really easy and fast to make, self-satisfaction guarantee.
(Inspired by Danielle Thompson here)
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