Rock'n'roller ? Support your local roller derby team.

Last days of work before summer vacation ! Hell Yeah ! I think I totally deserve it. This week I have a derby training, a yum yum rehearsal, things to pack for the annual event of the oto's day nursery (ok no big deal but I don't want my son to be the only kid with an absentminded mum), a yum yum gig and my team's firts event : the rock'n'roller.

To raise funds to help our team to progress (organizing bootcamp, buying scrimmage teeshirts, etc) we decide to have a roller disco WITHOUT disco but rock'n'roll.

The summer is here and indoor trainings are over. We'll have to manage ourselves to keep the derby rythm and motivation all summer long. It's time to turn back and see what happened during the year for the team too. Another post for this blog indeed ;)

 But what I can see now is this :
 The first ever roller derby team of Bourges, Berry, France.
About March 2011, 4 skaters.

The first ever roller derby team of Bourges, Berry, France.

Wish us luck and many people to come and meet us (and buy our homemade cupcakes).

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