I got balls.

Actually, I'm not this kind of girl. I mean the one who monopolizes the mirror, go to public bathrooms to powder or just use lipstick. So wearing jewelry is not usual for me though I got lots in my drawers, just like new.
Lately, I crafted jewelry and starting to wear it. I'm not very good at it but it's mucho mucho fun. I saw this tutorial on Delighted Momma with polymer clay balls (yes I know I should say beads, but I'm french and I want to say balls because it's funny to me) and wanted to give a try and maybe sell the result at my friend's boutique, Chez Mimi.


 Finally, I love them so much that I'll keep most of them for myself ! 

I also explored the neon colors trend.

Despite I'm not a fan of the 80's and its fluo madness, mixing wood, plastic et neon colors is a trend that I love. But would I wear this necklace one day ? ;p

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