Oto, not a baby anymore.

I didn't blog about my otohiko since a while now. It's my will to do not share lot about him especially with photos as later -when he'll be older - he could be pissed off with all his kiddy life all over the internet (and had no choice on it).
I don't want to sound judgy and I respect & love when mums share day lives of their fam and kiddos. I just want to take care of it for the future.

SO. Here is my (almost) 3 years old boy going to school for the first time ever this year. For the very special occasion, I bought him a backpack made with love by my Friend Dejolilou. She's the queen of vintage fabrics !

As he's growing fast, I gave all his baby clothes and stuff to a newly and happy mum who spoiled him with gifts in return. He loves his TAPIKID ! All the family loves it ! We spend lots of minutes of fun creating the town and roads with wooden cubes (yes I could have say HOURS of fun like everybody says but at his age, it's totally a false statement, I had to say the truth, sorry).

The TAPIKID got its own bag and the fabric is heavy.

I recommend Janod wooden cubes.
Eco-friendly and high quality for the same price of cheap ones.

The pool where Oto is fishing sharks.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Oto is not a baby anymore as he likes to say. every. day.
He uses THE pot. God bless the pot.

Do you see it on this pic above ?
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