the 3rd birthday. {part three}

So Otohiko turned 3 on 8th of October and we hosted a family party the day before. 
He didn't want to open his gifts as he was having so much fun with the decor (insert super mom smile here).

Here are some pics as you can see he was totally right.

Otohiko aka Toto, 3 years old.

Customised biscuits.

The favorite pie and handmade krispy treats.

The food corner.

Crafted tableware.

crepe and cones garlands.

Sugar love.

the living room in its "party" mode.

mixing the everyday tiki and the birthday decors.

pull the string and it's raining confettis.

the forbidden door during the party (parent's bedroom).

hiding shelves behind white sheets and colorful tassels.

Allowing confettis INSIDE and the party is awesome.

a house for his guest.

a house for him (to sleep).

have a look inside.

the last minute gift I made.

the comment he made about his party. ("awesome").

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Kata Phusin a dit…

This is my favourite of the birthday party photos (happy birthday to oto ~ belated as this comment may be!). I particularly enjoyed the tassel-like bunting in that first photo. If you made it from scratch, would you consider doing a tutorial?
In the mean time, sending best wishes, and wishing you a wonderful week!

minitoko a dit…

thank you Kata !
here is the tutorial I used. Tassels are so easy and fun to make and the result is fabulous !

Sirop de fraise a dit…

J'adore, c'est frais et coloré ! Tout ce que j'aime! Je veux la même "Birthday Party" :)

Isa a dit…

Hello, surprise ! très chouette, j'aime à très vite...Isa

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