Ziggy & Marceau (printable party masks inside !)

Hey ! Designers from Kitschy Digitals made awesome printable masks for Halloween (or not !)

Of course, it's because of Danielle's fabulous initiative, that you may now purchase awesome & funny masks for your parties, photo boothes or just fun.

It's really simple to make : print, cut, glue or thread and wear !

Here is the Little Ziggy Stardust mask I made (in both sizes : adult and kid).

And right, the little Mime Marceau mask (in both sizes : adult and kid).

You can print these at home or at your local office supply store very affordably - all you have to do is upload the PDF to their website.
Check all the designers' masks here and have fun !

(Photos : thanks to Danielle and the fabulous models !)

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