Back to the Bootcramp.

In November, our league hosted our first Roller Derby bootcamp. Successful indeed.
But it's a full time (for moths before) job, that's why I needed a break. A long break.
With no google docs, with no 100 questions a day, with no stress.

I share with you some pics (find more here).

There were Referees Workshops coached by Watzé & Maelstrom from Paris.

And of course several workshops for players 
coached by (awesomeness) Kozmic Bruise, Cherry Lie Lie and Wheely Wonka from Paris Roller Girls.

No escape. Sorry Madame.

Cherry Lie Lie and Kozmic. derby is all about sharing the passion.

 With the opportunity of a scrimmage, the brand new regional team, Les centrifugeuses, is complete.

Watzé and My derby myself,  
Checking everything is allright and everybody is having fun.

In a strictly organization way, I'm very proud of our team and of myself : 
feedbacks from about 70 derby people were just awesome.
Sure we'll do it again.

Photos ©Shell-e & Mickael.

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