DIY customize your derby outfit with iron-on vinyl

So I play with a second roller derby team, Les Centrifugeuses which colors are blue, yellow and black and our outfits should look like superheroes' style.

Our tops should be royal blue with yellow details.
After several attempts, I bought Iron-on Vinyl as the logo I designed was very simple to cut as a stencil.
I found discount Iron-on Vinyl on a professionnal shop and very happy with the results.

All you need is (love,) Iron-on Vinyl, masking tape, a stencil, a cutter, a shirt.

There is a front side (the one you iron, the plastic layer) and a back side (the vinyl itself).
With masking tape, put your stencil on the front side and cut slowly.

When done, use Iron (no steam), front side of your design up.
about 10 seconds, insist on edges.

Then wait about 2 mn, check edges are correctly ironed. If so, remove the plastic layer.
If not and you already remove the plastic layer, iron the back of the teeshirt.

Terrific isn't it ?

a fake belt.

the mask.

Front of my pants.

Back of my pants.

I am watching you, jammer !

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