L'union fait la force (centrifuge).

Because small leagues like ours with just few girls practicing every week won't be able to play bouts before a long time, 4 leagues of the Center of France decided to unite to form a regional team.

We found a name. les Centrifugeuses. I think it could be translated as "The Mixers".

We found a baseline. L'union fait la force -"Unity is strength". It's all about centrifugal force... I guess it means nothing in english but believe me when I say it's way smart and funny ;)

Anyway, we found a logo.

And a super duper theme for our outfits.

The How-to will be the subject of the next post but I may tell you now that I'm totally having fun.

But the most important thing is that we'll bout in February for the very first time. OH-MY. I'm turning 40 this year. Am I crazy ? Yes indeed. But well, after all, this is why I play Derby. (I guess).

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