We did it.

We did it. We played. We fought. We won. We lost.
Rouen' s Roller Derby team aka The Spiders' Black Widows invited us - Les Centrifugeuses -  for our very first bouts.
3 bouts.
3 ways to have fun.

6 roller girls from Bourges (our town) joined the team, first bouts of our derby lives.

We only trained about 4 or 5 times all together before the big day.
this could explain those little confusions aka blocking MY jammer.

But this girl is smart and finally find the way I made for her after all.

We lost 202-209 for the first bout vs Rouen. 
And believe me when most of us were so happy we did so nice for a first time.

Then we played vs Lille. And this time, I made less mistakes. (just a few less).
We won 284-119 ! Gosh we won !

Then we met the leopard avengers from Caen. 
Lot of pressure. Those girls are motivated and know how to play efficient derby.
We lost 110 - 330.

I didn't play this one and literally lost my voice supporting my team.

We spent a awesome derby weekend, we learned more about each other, we learned more about the game and most of all, we had mucho fun !

 I can remember I didn't want to play weeks before as I didn't feel ready to bout.
Hubby and team mates told me I could regret and should play anyway. Whatever the results.
I'm glad I changed my mind.
We're a team now. And I cannot wait for the next bout !

 Centri ? Fugeuses !

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Joséphine Hindy a dit…

Joli article Mojo ! fière d'être dans cette équipe aussi parce que tu en fais partie !! :-)
J'ai aimé joué ces matchs même si je n'en ai joué qu'un seul avec toi !

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