News, new kits and freebie inside !

New kits, well not so new... But as promised, I got few ideas for terrific kits to come. It's just that I'm a little bit busy...

First the kits avalaible now on kitschy digitals :

In few days from now, there will be a first premiere in our town, a craft fair !
All dedicated to handmade talents.
Here is the poster (I made)

Lot of things to do and fun to have ! We got 22 designers from all over the country, an incredible place to decorate and many other not-so-funny stuff to do by ourselves.

Ourselves ? We are 5 and named "Les Arpettes".
Check our blog (in french).
or at least the funny pic of us ;)

And one week later, I and hubby will turn 40 and 50.
A huge excuse for a big party, isn't it ?

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