A happy & colorful day

So we turned 40 and 50 and hosted a big afternoon party for the occasion.

As I didn't know if sun or rain will be invited,
I decided to have a "nice-in-any-occasion" decor : balloons ! About 200 only.

Finally we had both rain & sun.

Hubby bought a bubble machine. It's a greedy machine.
You may need homemade recipe to provide enough bubbles.

We're addicted to koi noboris.

An old record player in the wagon.

I asked my friends to come with their picnic baskets.

And they had to wear one color from head to toes.
As usually, my BFF shell-e did great with green outfit and cooked only green food.

I couldn't dream a better cake than the Coline's rainbow cake.


An old private joke.

My beloved canettes surprised me with pics of 40 objects 
(40 oreos, 40 arpettes toes, 40 beers, etc).

Obviously, tears of joy and emotions rolled down.

I crafted a backdrop for photo shooting.

Aline took awesome pictures.

And when finally we received our gift, I imitated Aline.
Well, almost.

I guess it happens to every rookie ;)

My husband and I are lucky people.
We have creative, funny, generous friends and family.
We love each of them and thank them for sharing all those beautiful 
moments of our lives together.
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La canette Shell-e a dit…

c'est plutôt à nous de vous remercier! c'était une très chouette après-midi ludique mais sans enfant et ça faut pas s'en priver!! Même si on les adore^^

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