Fun at the Rififi.

Last week-end, Les Arpettes (4 crazy girls and I) organised for the very first time in town the first handmade fair : the Rififi !  And it was a real success.

I did all the visual identity and a bit of decoration.

My job : hanging clouds in the sky.

Friends entertained the crowd.

and Hubby.

Montessori workshops for kiddos.
These 2 women are just WOW.

As I don't have time to talk about every designers, 
I choose to show only one that I'm sure my readers will love.
Well, 2 actually.

It's a collaboration, go and check their works : Héros de France & Jean Mosambi

Now it's time to think about I'm gonna do next...

Hair Sidecuts ? done.
Get 40 ? done.
Big B-day party ? tomorrow.

what about Vacations ? NEED.

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