DIY Treasure hunt in a minute.

I needed an activity for 2 little boys in emergency. After promising a treasure hunt on morning to Oto for the afternoon, I took his nap to organize few things quickly :

1. examine your environment : what could be use to hide a treasure ? what could be easily reach by little pirates ?
we have a garden where our boy knows which tree gives nuts, where the clothesline is and a few days ago he noticed a little lizard was hiding in our unique flowerbed.

2. give them missions/games they could understand by themselves. It will give you spare time in your garden with a good book and a cold drink under the sun.

Missions they had to do before finding the treasure : find 3 nuts, catch 4 clothespins on the basket hanging on the clothesline, pick up 5 yellow flowers, find out how many blue Koi Nobori is in the garden...

3. Draw the map. It's not easy for 3 to 5 years old kids to read a map so make it simple and easy. Observe and explain it with the kids first.

It doesn't have to well drawn but enough for kids to understand what they're looking for and recognizing the garden in the map.

Had a dashed line to guide them through missions. If it doesn't help you may yell the instructions from your seat.

Even if they don't read, use " the japanese lagoon" for Koi nobories or "Crabs' secret hide" for clothespins missions, they'll get easier in the mood.

4. Hide a treasure : candies are welcome but gold too, find something shiny to put in a box.

I had glitter scrapbook paper that i cut in nearly round shape (kids doesn't care if it's not perfect). And I hid an old box that I didn't decorate (kids have more imagination than us) in "the lizard's cave".

5. find fancy pirate clothes and accessories for the kids. Red, black clothes, a stick, a inflattable boat who looks like a rocket...

"I'm chasing the treasure in my rocket ! yeaaaah !"
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