I love colors.

That's what you can see when you stay at my place. 
Especially in the kitchen (which is the room for my crafts too.)

Ikea shelves named RIBBA are just perfect.

Left : my collection of empty play-dohs, 
embroidery made with Cate Anveski's fabulous patterns
Right : hama beads from my friend Aline and diamonds from my friend Jasmine

Vintage phone kit from Lisa's factory is waiting for the sewing machine
hopefully not the vintage one below - it's a toy.

the plan is to full up the ceiling with colorful suspensions

Found a little space for the girls.

Flowers from Oto.

Danielle Thompson's Embroidery patterns and my cuckoos -small- collection

vintage rabbit and chocolate ones (from my friend Karli)

Sugar wreathes I make occasionally.

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