DIY Removable Slot car circuit

A slot car circuit could be cumbersome.
So my friend Jim and I imagined few years ago a way to remove the circuit.

See how. 

we needed carabiners, chains...

Bought 2 STYROFOAM  Extruded Polystyrene Insulated Sheets

Few cleats cutted at the right size of the 2 sheets...

to make a frame.

We glued the sheets on the frame as it's really light.

a few carabiners in the miidle and corners.

a Handy man.

Chains are on the ceiling.

the hanging frame.

removable on the ceiling.
I just need to climb on a chair. 

That's all.

It moves a little bit when playing butit's ok if you're not too clumsy.

Be careful with the off-roads.

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