He's turning 4.

When you're 4, you have ideas, opinions, requests... When Oto wanted to invite 5 schoolmates at home to celebrate his birthday it sounded good to me. But this little guy got a crew, a crew of 4 naughty little boys... I heard parties with boys are way much noisy and exhausting than ones with girls. Despite Oto had invited 2 lovely girls, in less than 5 minutes, the room was an absolutely awful mess with broken curtain and toys.

5. Minutes.

I'm proud of myself to have survived.

Oto loves everything spooky.

the living room turned into a bat cave.

hidden ghost & monster ball game.

creepy candies.

I choose red fruit juice they took for blood.

eye ball wreath.

monster feet.

All they wanted was blowing candles. 

 table activities to cool down.

hidden ghost they had to find. On the back, little funny missions to do.

the little man.

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