Bootcramp #2

The rush and stress of the second bootcamp of the team is far away now. Every kind word, every smile make us believe it was a second success too.

More unexpected things but everything was cool.
Coaches were perfect as bootcrampers !

We're proud to accept freshmeats submissions 
as they do need to go to bootcamps more than anyone.
Not so much people do so in our country, too bad.

Since last year, boys join Merby teams. All skaters were welcomed no matter their genre.

As usual, an Official workshop was planned to satisfy the growing needs in French Derby.

And of course Watzé's coaching was amazing.

Blitz Pulple Cat from Metz ...

And Gara la Garce from Rennes (both "Team France selectionned")
were coaching happy & satisfied skaters.

On sunday, the scrimmage was the real live training for everybody.

Official focus at his best.

first ever scrimmage for ones of our local team.

This time, I was testing reffing. O. M. G.
so magic but sooooo hard job.

As my team knows it's my last year in Derby, they found funny to make me loose my brand new 'poker official face'.

The last bootcramp for me.
My last year of roller derby.

Let's make this ultimate derby year more fun than ever !

All pics from Shell-e and Romain Thebault, thanks so much guys !
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Anonyme a dit…

J'arrive toujours pas à me dire que tu vas quitter le're gonna be missed ! <3

Carmen Cru-elle a dit…

Tout pareil que la dame au dessus...

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