Bye Bye Derby

This month was my last one in Roller Derby. 
Since last year I decided it was going to be.
I need more time for my family and my friends and Roller derby is quite an addiction.

When I started 3 years ago, the league was pretty much about 5 crazy girls
learning to skate while fighting.

june 2011

As the older one, I tried to organize a few things.
And honeslty, I'm very proud of what I did in this league.

Les Furies 2012

We created 2 successfull bootcamps made for everybody 
and especially for freshmeats and referees.

So many good times with awesome people.

les centrifugeuses - Team Centre 

With Les Simones - Orléans Roller Derby, our derby sisters

Of course, we had derby dramas, demotivations..
But we went through this, learning from each other every time.

Les Furies 2014

I certainly would have not known none of those girls and boys without Derby.
What would have been a terrible shame.

Merci les Furies,
Soon I hope I'll be there in stands to support my favorite team ever
for its very first bout.
I'll be the one who will shout the loudest 
eyes full of tears and my heart full of pride.

Derby love indeed.
Mojo mama.

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