lego + love = ikea hack

When you collect you need space. When you're addicted with lego you need MORE space.
As our lego building space is in a corner of our living room - as we build and rebuild a lot - we needed to find how to display our finished projects. But after few months of addiction I tried to stick to 1 rule : don't build big. First to save space and by the way save the money.

Ikea shelves (Billy) are covering a whole wall in the room :

I decided to put away the dusty cd collection from the smallest shelves on right
and build my lego stuff accordingly to the available space.

here are the first tries :

It's perfect for our small stock of bricks which don't allow us to do big things.
I'm still filling the boxes for the moment.
I'll post a full pic of the shelves when completed ;)
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