New zealand in my living room.

Here is a little update of my living room, you may check the past post about it here.

As anything polynesian is a subject of interest for us, I started to get into maori history
and New Zealand of course.

This poster is from Geoff Francis. He designed stamps for NZ Post 
and it came with a poster (I found it on the bay).
Actually a tiki tour in New Zealand isn't a tour of all the tiki places in the country 
but rather a classic Kiwi road trip.

Tiki light from Oceanic Arts in California.

Finally someone in this world created a frame made to fit LP's.
A great way to further enjoy our hawaiiana vinyls collection.

Recently I stumbled upon our old art toys collectibles.
They perfectly fit the -so smart- RIBBA ikea shelves...

Despite it's not tiki at all. But you know.

This old map is just in front of the front door. Just to keep in my mind we have dreams.
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Angela Wheeler a dit…

Lovely! I love the photos you post of your home! =]

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