Tiki pop, an exhibition in Paris

Sven Kirsten did it again and this time he comes with a book and an exhibition in Musée Quai Branly in Paris named Tiki Pop.
As we were in Paris for our little one to discover the Eiffel Tower, sail on the Seine and visit the Aquarium of Paris, we were just near Quai Branly, a museum I didn't know and has a wonderful collection of Oceanic Arts.
But we were in hurry and just visit for less than an hour, definitly planning to go again.
When I heard about this exhibiton I was not totally motivated to see it mostly because of the name and because his book of tiki is already widely covered the topic.
But the trip was such on good occasion to do not miss it and the scenography was well worth it !


Glad we visited as it was over the day after !

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