Lego birthday party

For his 5th birthday my son asked for a lego party theme. I swear I did not influenced him.
Actually, what I saw about lego parties over the internet didn't much excited me.
And my budget was tight so it had to be simple but effective.

So I just decided to focus on the three colors : blue, yellow and red and the dots to suggest the lego bricks.
Found few cheap tablecloth and balloons with polka dots, a few tips on pinterest and stake everything on the cake (shaped as a brick).

Family's favorite balloon are what we call the "tiger balloons".
It's more a rocket balloon actually.

A bunch of streamers for the kids.
But they weren't interested.

A whole bag of big bricks (not lego but megablock) was ready for the kids.
But they weren't interested.

Some drawing activities.
But they weren't interested.

Lego bricks to build anything you want.
Not interested.

Twister game.
Only one interested.

Hours of work to make the best I can to transform this cake in a yellow brick.
But they weren't interested.

Candies. That's what they wanted.

Finally, we used our secret weapon : giant chalks !

hide-and-seek 'kids versus parents' was a success too.

Don't think they were bored.
Believe me they were NOT.
It was Hysteria all over the house for 2 hours.


Little gifts for our guests.
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