About minitoko

So you want to know more about me ?
  • Name : minitoko.
  • Old as much as : 41.
  • Gender : Madame.
  • Stay in : France.
  • Works (to eat) : computer graphics and webdesign in a studio. Teaching CG.
  • Favorite color : green. (I change every year)
  • Favorite food : coquillette.
  • Favorite drink : milk (I'm serious, merci).
  • Favorite musics : most everything from Motown and Tenacious D.
  • Favorite movies : Joe Dirt, Rock academy.
  • Favorite app : Illustrator.
  • Favorite word : chaton (so cute it makes me puke).
  • Favorite day : Friday.
  • Favorite hobbie : sewing and stitching and skating (not at the same time).
  • Favorite taste : Cinnamon.
  • Favorite tv show : Flight of the conchords.
  • Favorite place to go : bed.
  • Favorite son : Otohiko.

I'm a "Canette", a group of 3 friends who drinks beer and sew.
I'm an "Arpette", a club of 5 who promotes handmade creations in our area.
I'm a Furie, the Roller Derby team of our town.
I sing in the band called Yum Yum Yummees whith hubby (my guitar hero).

You may mail me  : minitoko (at) gmail (dot) com.

Privacy policy : NO  personnal information  is collected on this site.
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